Tobias Schulli

Group leader and scientist

The amount of knowledge and the passion for knowledge at the ESRF is incredibly stimulating. It’s what attracted me and what keeps me here. I’m a scientist and head of the X-ray nanoprobe group. At the moment I’m thinking ahead to EBS. The ESRF will be the centre of the X-ray universe in 2020 and I want to be here for that and to exploit this new source while we’re the first in the world to be discovering the new possibilities that come with it.  I’ve always been really active. I love being outdoors, in the mountains and I practice uphill running and I used to be a keen triathlete. When I first saw all the mountains around the ESRF, I was excited by the idea that I’d be able to cover both my passion for science and for sport in one place. Today, sport has taken a back seat in my life, although I still try to cycle to work. My busy job on the beamline and my home life with my wife and four children take up most of my time. It’s important for me to try and cultivate a passion for knowledge among my children and I really enjoy explaining science to them in terms they can understand.” 

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