Maxim Brendike

Mechatronics engineer

I live in a collaborative housing project. We have each our apartment around some shared spaces. It is a really nice idea, with people from all ages blending in, and it has allowed me to improve my French enormously since I arrived less than two years ago. I enjoy living in this structure and it corresponds to my philosophy. I was born in East Berlin the same year the Wall fell and there was still a legacy of socialism as I grew up. I like the idea of sharing and being in contact with people and that is why I like living and working in France: I love the different clubs we have at work and I am involved in several of them, like the photo club or the multilingual lending library. At the ESRF, my job involves being a link between the different groups of the Instrumentation Services and Development Division. I am the only mechatronics engineer and the first of such a “species” here. My job involves a different and global approach to design. I was an electrician before my engineering studies and that helps me to see the projects from different points of view. My ultimate goal is to coordinate the design of instruments that combine mechanics, electronics and software and benefit all groups. When I want to disconnect from work, I go climbing or on long hikes for several days. I love the feeling of climbing: it is so demanding that you have to fully concentrate on what you are doing and everything else is put aside. It is liberating."

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