In the tunnel

New series

2019 was a key date for the ESRF, with the transition from the ESRF’s original third-generation storage ring to a brand new fourth-generation synchrotron light source, called Extremely Brilliant Source (EBS).

In only one year, the dedication of the staff made it possible to dismantle the original machine and install the first high-energy fourth-generation synchrotron source. On 2 December 2019, the EBS came to life, with the first electrons injected and stored in the new storage ring. The ESRF staff have worked tirelessly to make this possible on time.

To pay homage to the people involved in this unique project, the ESRF is launching a series of portraits: «In the tunnel».  It will be an opportunity to discover the different professionals that have worked together, in a tunnel, for the same goal: to pioneer synchrotron science.

We hope you will enjoy this new #humansofESRF series. 

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