Viktoriia Saveleva

Post-doc in electrocatalysis

I want to find out how the ESRF works from inside. I have been a synchrotron user for some years, but I have always been very curious about how the beamline works and its ins and outs. That is the main reason why I chose the ESRF over an offer for a job in electrochemistry at the university in Grenoble. During my time here on ID26, I hope to interact with many groups who will introduce me to new topics that will open doors to new collaborations in the future. I also want to carry my personal research forward, especially with the great performances of the Extremely Brilliant Source. Previously, I have worked on in situ spectro-electrochemical studies of the reactions occurring in the water electrolysers and fuel cells, but now I want to expand the area of my scientific interests focusing on other electrochemical reactions and processes. For example, I would like to learn about the state of the liquid electrolyte itself upon the reaction using various X-ray techniques. I have already spoken with other scientists at the ESRF who work in the same field as me and I am really looking forward to diving in. And when beamtime finishes, you’ll find me trail running with my husband across the magnificent mountain ranges surrounding Grenoble!

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