Thierry Brochard

Installation coordinator

The EBS master schedule has been at the centre of my job – we call it a magic oriental carpet because of all the colours on it. It helps us keep track of the evolution of the EBS works. I am the installation coordinator, which means I organised the civil works in the tunnel to the last bake out, including the girder installation. During the installation, there were around 100 workers per day  from external companies, plus ESRF staff from the accelerator division and the beamlines, involved in this mammoth task. EBS has brought people from different horizons, with different expertise, together on one big project. It’s a great mix of people all working constructively for the same objective.

The first electron turn was an exciting moment but it wasn’t the end point for me. There is never an end to a machine like this one – there are always new things to do. I am very proud of having participated in the construction of EBS and I hope I can continue playing a role in it in the future.

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