Nicolas Benoist

Mechanical technician

There is probably some of my DNA on every single piece of equipment in the EBS, down to the last screw! As a mechanical technician, I’ve worked on every phase of the EBS project, from constructing the first mock-up cell to assembling the new girders with magnets, vacuum chambers and instrumentation. During the installation phase, I helped install the front ends and tested the diagnostics equipment.

A team of mechanics from Novosibirsk, in Russia, came to help us for the girder assembly. I was the link between them and the ESRF, in charge of coordinating the works and the people, and it was an extremely interesting experience. I learned about Russia, their way of life and cultural differences and, on the weekends, shared my passion for golf with them. We had a great team atmosphere and are still in contact.  

The chance to participate in a project like EBS and help assemble such a machine is incredible. I like it when scientists and engineers have a need that I can transform into something tangible and I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that we have a well-constructed machine.

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