Elvina Dilmieva

Post-doc in X-ray magnetic circular dichroism

I have just arrived in Grenoble and everything is new here for me: I have never worked in a synchrotron before and I’ve done all my career in Russia, except for a year in Poland during my PhD.  What has struck me as most different from where I come from is being able to do fundamental science in an international environment.  This place is amazing and there are many possibilities for my research. During my PhD I studied the physical properties of magnetic materials in high magnetic fields, here I will be based on beamline ID12, where I’ll continue studying fundamental research related to magnetic materials. I am currently reading a lot of scientific literature to learn all the ins and outs of the beamline. This is the best move for my career, especially because at the EBS-ESRF there is a lot of exchange between experts and a big concentration of critical thinking in science.

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