Cristina González Torres

Survey and alignment engineer

Microns? I’d never worked in microns in my life until I arrived at the ESRF, almost a year ago. I’ve gone from working in topography in huge solar energy plants in the desert, with a tolerance of 2.5 mm, to the EBS tunnel, where precision is paramount, with tolerances of 50 microns, maximum. This is a new and fascinating world for me: the EBS project, the state-of-the-art technology, the whole environment. I can’t stop asking my colleagues questions about everything. Every day I learn something new and that is a real drive.

I like to be ‘in the field’, and working in the tunnel, where sometimes you even have to crawl to align certain components, suits me perfectly. Whenever complicated situations arise, I get an adrenaline rush and enjoy solving them. I love challenges. I have worked in Spain, the USA and Chile, and even faced unemployment after the bankruptcy of the civil engineering company for whom I worked. When I got my first job in France, I didn’t speak any French and none of my colleagues spoke English, so it was difficult. My child, who was three at the time, stayed in Spain because I couldn’t take him as I was changing work sites on a regular basis. It was tough but I pulled through because I adapt easily. Today, at the ESRF, I have constant enrichment, stability and caring colleagues. And my kid is with me. I am thriving.

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