Christine Morin

Purchasing Assistant

I’ve always been a fan of science magazines. I’m naturally curious about the world around me, so when I landed a job at the ESRF, I was over the moon. Here, I learn something new every day and everyone seems prepared to share their work and enthusiasm.  I work as purchasing assistant and I get to meet staff on all levels and in every division. I learn about the science, the technology and all aspects of the company through the purchasing activity. That’s quite unusual in this line of business but the ESRF isn’t a typical company and a large majority of staff call on the buyers at some point in the course of their career.  With EBS, a lot of the purchases are first-timers and we’ve seen the volume of purchases increase greatly in the last 5 years. That makes for a dynamic work place and our activity has benefitted, making us more visible internally and externally. Before joining the ESRF, I spent some time in London, working in the backstage of a theatre in the West End. I feel close to the English culture, sense of humour and lack of judgement. Working in English and with so many nationalities at the ESRF means my horizons are wider than in a typical French company. If anything, working here has fuelled my curiosity to learn more about nature. I took up diving several years ago and have been lucky to explore warm seas all around the world. I love observing our interaction with nature and cherish the rare moments when there’s a connection with nature. The more I see, the more I’m in awe of the quantity of things still to discover and learn. 

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