Beatrice Ruta


As a teenager I was geared towards classical studies, then was tempted by criminology, but thanks to an outstanding maths teacher in my final year at school, I ended up in physics. I´ve grown as a scientist at the ESRF over the 12 years I spent here before joining the CNRS. Today I am proud to be the scientific spokesperson for the CDR1, the project to build a new coherent X-ray dynamics and imaging beamline for the Extremely Brilliant Source. The CDR1 is a challenging project and also unique in the world. It will really benefit from the new coherence of the Extremely Brilliant Source. My research will also take another dimension with the new machine. I study glasses and other disordered materials and try to find universal trends among them. It is purely fundamental physics, and keeps me constantly thinking. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking of science, which can be annoying. I know, it's only science, but I like it."

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