Annet Baken

PhD student in green additives

Human-induced climate change is a major threat for humanity right now; personally, it is something that worries me. Today, I am studying environmentally friendly additives that could replace the ones currently used in materials present in our everyday lives, such as cement or dishwasher powders. My PhD is based on ID15A at the ESRF, the Université Grenoble Alpes and the company BASF in Germany. 

I have always been interested in nature; I love the outdoors and have always been intrigued by the Earth as a system. This is why I chose to study Earth sciences and pursued a PhD after that. What I really like about my research subject is the interplay between Earth sciences, chemistry and physics. To me, these areas of expertise feel like the tools to probe the workings of nature. 

My research is mainly fundamental and, although one PhD will likely be a small building block, I hope it will contribute to discovering how nature works. I would love that my research has impact on counteracting climate change. In five years’ time I don’t know where I’ll be, but I know I will still be doing something I believe in.

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