Alessandro d'Elia

Radio-frequency engineer

We work at the front edge of RF technology, pioneering new techniques. Often in my job, you can’t find the solution to a problem in a book.  We regularly develop technology that has never seen the light and it is very important to be in touch and communicate with the other experts in our area in other facilities around the world.  At the ESRF, I lead the Cavity Unit within the RF Group and I’m in charge of the follow-up and installation of the newly designed RF cavities for EBS. I trained at the Accelerator school of Naples which was born under the guidance of Vittorio G. Vaccaro and I worked at CERN for 8 years before joining the ESRF. The EBS Project, which aims to boost brilliance and coherence by a factor 100, is extremely interesting and challenging . About 90% of the infrastructure will be reused which means that you need to fit everything into the existing tunnel. Ensuring good performances of our equipment requires dedication and concentration. However I find the work environment at the ESRF fairly relaxed and I appreciate that you can switch off from work once you get home. I enjoy spending time at home and cooking with my wife: we can spend long hours in the kitchen, although we often need half of this time to agree on the recipe!”

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